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About Us

In year 1989, Sanmen County Synchronous Belt Factory was established, began to produce rubber synchronous belt,

double-sided toothed belt.

In year 1990, began to develop rubber double sided timing belt with steel cord,and applied the patent.

In year 1992, Sanxing company began to produce teeth-wedge belt, Sanxing is the pioneer of this belt in China.

In year 1993, The Sanxing brand teeth-wedge belt convered 80% of flour milling machines OEM market in China.

In year 1995, company name Sanmen County Synchronous Belt Factory replaced by ZHEJIANG SANXING RUBBER BELT CO., LTD.

In year 2002, began to produce cogged v belt, poly v belt.

In year 2002, factory moved to new address: No.48,guangming middle road, sanmen,zhejiang, with 3 workshops, one lab.

In year 2003, began to produce scooter belt, and supply to OEM customers.

In year 2005-2010, 3 new workshop were builded to meet more and more orders.

In year 2008, began an OEM supplier of poly v belt for Chery car.

In year 2008, most the old production machines were replaced.

In year 2009, Sanxing company as a main drawee, to draw the national strandard “teeth-wedge belt”.

In year 2010, invest RMB5 million to buy new machines from Germany.

In year 2012, the national standard “teeth-wedge belt” was published.

In year 2016, began to produce wide angle belt with rubber material (we called it rubberflex).

In year 2017, began to produce heavy-duty v belt, special for agricultural machines.

In year 2017, invest RMB 4 million to buy new production and testing machines.

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