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About Us

Enterprise culture

Zhejiang sanxing rubber belt co., LTD. Was established in 1989, which is a professional production and sales company.There a lot of professional engineer are devoted research and  develop the rubber belt.

Sanxing makes the belt with modern advanced production technology and equipment to ensure the safety of the product quality and production.

Companies specializing in the concept

Sanxing always uphold the principle"meticulosity、constantly improve、unceasing Superego、dare to blaze new trails", makes the belt with wisdom and sweat.

Company business philosophy
 Honesty is the core of the zhejiang sanxing sales the belt.The company is willing to establish mutual trust and cooperation friendship bridge with clients.

Enterprise vision

This is a goal to provide high quality of belt to customers,constantly advance,development innovation, Sanxing is devoted to be a top-ranking company which can make the kinds of belt.

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